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Hey Stampers,

Being PTA President at my son’s school is both challenging and rewarding. The past three weeks preparing for back to school has been super busy. My days have been filled with meetings, planning, cleaning, helping, recruiting and decorating. Its been so busy and SO MUCH FUN!!

With that said… I’ve been exhausted and missed my time being creative and creating for you.  Therefore, I had to express myself and have a bit of fun with the PTA Bulletin Boards. My goal was to brighten the boards and bring joy to all the parents, students and staff that passed by.


I couldn’t think of a better way  than 20 cute smiling Minions!!! It takes a Minion Volunteers to make a great PTA!! I decided to use our Informational Board to communicate with parents and encourage them to join… “There are a Minion Reasons To Join Blythe PTA!”


I loved the this Welcome Back Board with all the school supplies and new things.  It’s going to be a magical year!!!


Our school mascot is the Blythe Cardinals.  Therefore, we encourage our families to clip box tops and become a Cardinal Clipper.  This helps us raise money for our school.

Yep!! I paint rocks too!!! LOL!!  My kids and I both ended up covered in Cardinal Red Paint.  Such fun times!!





I hope you enjoy my pictures and fun bulletin boards.  A minion reason to smile!! Thank you for stopping by Brandy’s Cards and for all your encouragement and support. I’m so grateful!! Sincerely, Brandy


  1. Hi Brandy,
    You are one amazing young lady. I love getting your mail. I do not know how you find time to do all the things you do and are involved in. You are a blessing to me. I enjoyed this e-mail from you about your PTA and the school. Minions are sooooo cute. I hope you have had a great week-end and you are enjoying your new home. Have you got your craft room finally set up yet? I sure wish I lived in N.C. Thank you so much . Hope you were safe from the storm. lol Darlene

  2. You are totally amazing. What a wonderful job on your bulleting boards – they will certainly attract a lot of attention (and hopefully new members))

  3. Hello Brandy;

    You did a great job. I would be happy to save top box for you just let me know. God Bless you.

    • Love your bulletin boards. They are just beautiful. You gave me an idea to use the minions for my flyer for our block club meetings. Maybe that will get my neighbors out to the meetings. LOL Love all your posts…Keep up the excellent work.

  4. Brandy,
    What a great idea for the bulletin board. I’m sure the kids were crazy over it. That sure took some time but turned out just GREAT !!! They are so lucky to have such a talented helper to create these boards.

  5. What a great way to welcome back everyone for the new school year! I am sure it will be very much appreciated!

  6. Wonderful board! As a School District Trustee, may I share with our schools here in Ca? I look forward to things settling down for you so we can stamp! 🙂

    • Hi Maria,

      Good Morning!!

      Yes, absolutely please share with your schools in CA. I absolutely love being apart of the school and have so much love and respect for our administration and staff. If you need anything more from me please let me know… I’m always happy to help!!! Thank you for all you do for our children! Brandy

      Here is a link from Book Fair… scroll down to the bottom of post https://brandyscards.com/sea-street-video-tutorial/

  7. What cute bulletin boards, Brandy! You are doing such a great job!! God bless
    and enjoy those boys. They grow up sooooo fast! 🙂

  8. Love to see that you put your amazing creativity into helping the school and PTA. How fun. God Bless You.

  9. Have a blessed year my friend. I’m sure the kids at school was so excited to come back with such a warm bright welcome. I so love the school supplies on the board.



  10. Being a teacher, these photos made me smile! Love your talent and your willingness to share it

  11. Being a teacher, these made me smile! With your energy and talent your PTA has to be top class!

  12. Brandy,
    You are so clever, and talented. How lucky they are to have you. Your boy’s are lucky too. Have a great year!

  13. Love the bulletin boards!! Takes me back to the fun years when my boys were in school and I, too, was active in the PTO. I have to admit, thinking about how long ago that was makes me feel old. LOL Enjoy this time with your children, as they grow up too fast.

  14. Brandy, your sons school PRA is so lucky to have you. Have a great year. Take care and we will look forward to your posts.

  15. Your school year will be soooooooooo exciting!!! You do such amazing and fun things!! Thank you so much for sharing!!

  16. Brandy, I am a former teacher and I loved putting my bulletin boards together. Wish you had been one of my room mothers! I need to tell you, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE all your tutorials and everything you do is so beautiful. Thank you, Colleen

  17. Brandy, your bulletin boards are adorable. I wish you a fabulous year and much success as you do all of your fund raisers, ect.

  18. Love the clever play on words!
    Enjoy this time – as it goes FAST! Our youngest is beginning his final year at the University of Wisconsin…yet I can remember walking him to his first day of kindergarten (and his trembling lower lip) like it happened only yesterday.
    My story (and I’m sticking to it) is that our guys are just aging faster than us 🙂

  19. hello Brandy

    you are the most WONDERFUL and BEAUTIFUL person . what a great job you did on the school board…..

    your school and the kids our very lucky to have you….. I also enjoy all your post… .have a nice day.

  20. Your boys and their school are blessed to have you inspiring their community! Enjoy. Those days –though busy– pass quickly!

  21. Hi
    Love the minions! I would appreciate knowing how to make them or where to find directions??
    Hope you don’t mind if I use your ideas for my board?
    Thanks a Minion

  22. What a clever idea for your bulletin boards! Blythe is lucky to have you as their PTA president. As a former teacher, I can certainly appreciate all of the hard work and creativity that goes into making bulletin boards, and yours will certainly attract at lot of attention. Best of luck in your new school year and GO, CARDINALS!

  23. Hi Brandy,

    Can see you have been one busy lady with school and the move. It’s such fun to see you creating bright and happy themes for school! The kids, staff and parents must love it! Take care of yourself, I will be sending you a nice big order soon. Sorry I sort of disappeared this summer. Big hugs to you and yours.

  24. Have a wonderful school year and thank you for sharing your pictures as you prepare for 2015/16!!!

    • Thank you Linda for stopping by and for your kind note. I really, really appreciate it!! Thank you. Hugs, Brandy

  25. They are fortunate to have such a beautiful,talented lady to be the PTA president! Just don’t get too busy for us!

    • Hi Nancy,

      Thank you so much for the kind note. Lol!!! I haven’t forgotten and will start back posting again tomorrow. I appreciate you stopping by. Thank you for supporting Brandy’s Cards. Have a great weekend!! Brandy

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