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About Stamp-n-Storage
Some important facts to know about Stamp-n-Storage:

Things they like:

  • Craft supplies organized by color, set, and brand
  • Easy accessibility to craft supplies
  • Turning customer’s frustration into enthusiasm!
  • Craft storage that works like a system
  • How great Baltic Birch wood smells…especially when all of the products are made in our shop!
  • Craft room make-overs

Things they don’t like:

  • Wasted craft room space
  • Craft supplies hidden in drawers
  • Craft room clutter that interferes with creativity
  • Buying multiples of supplies when you know you already own them but can’t find them
  • Tangled up ribbon spools
  • Dysfunctional craft storage solutions

The Products I Use
Paper Holder For IKEA

The IKEA® Kallax shelving is an excellent option for craft room storage. Stamp-n-Storage has designed a Paper Holder that will perfectly fit inside of the IKEA® shelving openings like a hand in a glove! You’ll have the flexibility to store your paper vertically or horizontally.

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Marker Holder for Stampin Blends™

The Marker Holder for Stampin’ BlendsTM has been prepared specifically for Stampin’ Up!® alcohol-based markers and keeps them together, two markers to a group, and holds 45 sets of colors.

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Paper Punch Holder

The Lock-Down Punch Holder will give you 24-64 compartments of storage space even if you have wider punches such as chevron, tags, and borders. The horizontal dividers are all removable (except for the glued-in center divider).

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Why do I represent them?


I have used Stamp-n-Storage products for many years now.  In my original craft room at our previous house, I used the punch holders, stamp pad holders and marker and ink refill holders.  Now, in our new house, the Stamp-n-Storage paper holders proudly serve as the backdrop for most of my video tutorials!


I know the products that come from Stamp-n-Storage are hand crafted and designed specifically to meet my needs.  They have options for so many different products to make your craft room more efficient and organized.  If you’re more organized, you can spend more time crafting and less time cleaning up – that makes me happy!


I’ve had the opportunity to meet and work with Brett Haugen.  I’ve been nothing but impressed with Brett and his team of skilled workers.  They make a great product and I only feel comfortable recommending products that I’ve personally used.  And no matter whether you have big craft room or a super small crafting space, I’m sure that Brett and Stamp-n-Storage has a product that will help you get more organized. 

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Photo Gallery from North Carolina Event!
Here is a photo gallery from the Stamp-n-Storage pop-up sale in North Carolina!