Brandy’s milestone highlights her passion for growing her business and making an impact in other people’s lives.

We are so excited to announce that Brandy has become the first demonstrator in Stampin’ Up! history to reach Three Million dollars in career sales. This, no doubt, reflects Brandy’s passion and dedication to building her business and sharing her love of papercrafting and rubber stamping. We asked Brandy what it meant to be the first demonstrator to reach this milestone.

She said, “I feel incredibly blessed with this opportunity by Stampin’ Up! It’s been a tremendous amount of hard work over the years, but it’s made a lasting impact in my life and my family’s life. Since I started 13 years ago, I’ve grown so much as a person, a businesswoman, and as a leader for my team members. I’m so grateful for my customers, family, team, and my fellow Creativate Leaders (a small group of other demonstrator leaders I partner with to support our teams).”

Brandy’s commitment to Stampin’ Up!, along with her desire to grow her business is exceptional. She shared some of the things she loves most about being a demonstrator.

“What has surprised me over the years is the impact that my business has had on other people. The stories & comments I receive from customers, team members, and fellow demonstrators sharing the impact in their lives is truly amazing. That’s how I’ve truly learned this is not just about paper, ink, and stamps. It’s been overwhelming at times but also very humbling. That is what inspires me to keep going and grow even more. I love Stampin’ Up! and everything it stands for.”

Brandy shared an example of one of these impactful stories. “Probably four or five years ago, I had a customer who was bed-ridden and was estranged from her two daughters. One night she suggested to her daughters they should watch one of my videos together and do some crafting like they had done many years earlier.”

Brandy Cox

“They enjoyed it so much that they continued these craft nights together. After she passed away, one of the daughters called me to share this story about how my videos had brought them back together. I never imagined something like that happening, but her story left a lasting impact on me.”

So where does Brandy go from here? She shared with us her thoughts on the future and her desire to keep going. “Early on, I never ever imagined selling one million CSV let alone three million. But I had people around me that thought I could. Yes, I thought they were crazy, but I soon learned that I was the one who was putting boundaries on myself. Once I let go of that fear of failure and opened my mind up to what may be possible, it really turned a corner for me. I love my business so much and I feel like the sky’s the limit!”

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