Brandy’s milestone highlights her passion for growing her business and making an impact in other people’s lives.

We are thrilled to announce that Brandy Cox has become the first demonstrator in Stampin’ Up! history to reach the Four Million Career-to-Date Sales Milestone.

Brandy is blown away by this huge achievement. “My Stampin’ Up! journey so far has been above and beyond my wildest expectations,” said Brandy as she reflected on this most recent accomplishment. “Stampin’ Up! has opened up so many doors and opportunities for me and for my family. I could have never imagined this when I started almost 15 years ago.”

Brandy attributes a lot of her success to her family in Michigan and now to the family she is raising in the Carolinas. “I grew up in a small factory town in southwestern Michigan,” shared Brandy. “During high school, my single mom worked three jobs to keep us afloat. She is the hardest-working person I know. Those small town values guide me today and I’m so grateful and humbled by what we’ve been able to achieve.”

Today, Brandy is raising her own family with her husband in the Carolinas. “Like many other demonstrators, my family has been a huge part of our success in achieving these milestones,” Brandy reflected. “My two teenage boys help me when they can between sports and schoolwork. My father-in-law drops off my mail every day and my mother-in-law helps me with my bookkeeping and retired store. My assistant Amanda is amazing and my husband shoots and edits all my videos. It’s a full team effort.”

Brandy also shares some lessons that have helped her in her business. “You have to decide what’s right for you and where you are in life. Whether that’s doing it full-time, part-time, or just a few hours a week, it has to work for you. Don’t compare yourself to others, just do the best you can and be happy with your efforts and the results they may bring. We are all in this together! Don’t waste energy focusing on the finish line so much that you miss the journey along the way.”

We asked Brandy what’s next for her business. She replied simply, “We live in a crazy world today and there are no guarantees in life. I’m just going to keep loving my family and loving my business and we’ll see where that takes us. It’s an incredible Stampin’ Up! journey that we’re on and I couldn’t be more excited about what tomorrow may bring.”

Stampin' Up! Achievements
U.S. - Overall Combined

2023 – #3

2022 – #3

2021 – #3

2020 – #3

2019 – #19

2018 – #11

2017 – #21

U.S. - Overall Sales

2023 – #1

2022 – #2

2021 – #2

2020 – #1

2019 – #1

2018 – #1

2017 – #1

2016 – #1

2015 – #1

U.S. - Team Building

2023 – #4

2022 – #3

2021 – #3

2020 – #4

2019 – #3

2018 – #4

2017 – #2

2016 – #3

U.S. - Leadership

2023 – #4

2022 – #4

2021 – #3

2020 – #4

2019 – #3

2018 – #5

2017 – #4

2016 – #3

* They stopped the Global Ranking in 2021.  Not applicable after 2021.