Want to Learn How To Make Handmade Cards?

If you want to learn how to stamp and make beautiful handmade greeting cards, this training series was built especially for you!

Over the course of these 12 videos, I will show you the basics and fundamentals of stamping and paper crafting.  It is so much easier than it looks and I know you will enjoy it as much as I do.

And best of all, these videos are completely free and you can watch on your own time and at your pace!

My name is Brandy Cox and I have been teaching people how to stamp for close to15 years now.  Take the first step and join me on this journey.  There is an awesome community of crafters and stampers that love to share their creations and joy with each other.  We’d love for you to join us!

Free Training - Series #1 (12 videos)
  • Video #1 – How to Cut Cardstock
  • Video #2 – Types of Craft Stamps
  • Video #3 – Distinktive Stamps
  • Video #4 – All About Ink Pads
  • Video #5 – Re-inking Stamps Pads & Markers
  • Video #6 – Types of Adhesives
  • Video #7 – Alcohol vs Dye Markers
  • Video #8 – All About Cardstock
  • Video #9 – Top Coloring Tools
  • Video #10 – Top 5 mistakes most beginners make
  • Video #11 – Top Cardmaking Tools
  • Video #12 – All About Card Kits

Video #1
How To Cut Cardstock Like A Boss With These Best Tips!

Many beginners find cutting cardstock to the proper sizes can be challenging.  Brandy will show you just how quick and easy it can be as well as give you a breakdown on how to use a paper trimmer!

Matting Sizes – Free PDF Download – Click Here
Sizing Label Sheets – Free PDF Download – Click Here

Video #2
Craft Stamps: Be In The Know With This Free Guide!

Brandy will give you some direction as to the different kind of stamps that exist.  She will explain the benefits and show you the best techniques to use them.

Video #3
Want To Learn My Best Tips for Using Distinktive Stamps?

Distinktive stamps can sometimes be challenging.  Let Brandy guide you through her best tips to get fool proof images from these distinktive stamps.

Video #4
Which Craft Ink Pad Do I Use? Here's Your Free Reliable Guide

Free Ink Pad Guide PDF – Click Here

Video #5
How You Can Re-Ink Stamp Pads & Markers Remarkably Easy

Learn how to get the best performance out your stamp pads and markers.  Brandy will show you how to “re-ink” your stamp pads and markers.

Video #6
Types of Adhesives and How to Use Them!

There are many types of adhesives out there and Brandy will share her thoughts on her favorites and the pros and cons of each.

Video #7
Learn to color like a pro! Plus the differences between Stampin Write Markers & Stampin Blends

There is a time and place for each of these and Brandy will show you some of the differences between Stampin Write Markers and the alcohol based Stampin Blends.

Free Marker Guide PDF – Click Here

Video #8
Learn About Different Types of Cardstocks and How to Use Them!

So many fun cardstocks out there!  Brandy explain the types of cardstock as well as Designer Series Paper and more!

Video #9
These are My Top Coloring Tools and Why!

Brandy explains several different types of coloring tools for card making and the pros and cons of each!

Video #10
The Top 5 mistakes that beginners make? But don't worry, I'm here to help!

Don’t worry!  If you are just starting out, we all make mistakes!  Brandy will walk you through some things to try to avoid to help make your projects the best they can be!

Video #11
My 5 Favorite tools I use in the craft room - Take your pick, snips, bonefolder, silicone craft sheets, paper cutter
Video #12
All About Card Kits and Why I Love Them!

Kits are not just for beginners.  All kinds of crafters can enjoy the benefits of cards kits.  Brandy will walk you through a few different kinds of kits and explain how she uses them.

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