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Blooms_and_Butterflies_-_Stampin_Up_Team-6Hello Stampers,

I trust you all had a wonderful Christmas and are looking forward to the New Year.  I too have been hard at work preparing and creating for 2014.   One project that I have been working on for several months is my new Blooms and Butterflies Team Blog and Forum.

I’m so grateful for my team of Blooms (Hobbyists) and Butterflies (Career demonstrators). Therefore, it was important for me to find a way that we could all communicate and share ideas, tips and projects.   It doesn’t matter if you are a Bloom or a Butterfly, you have something to share.  Therefore, I’m excited to announce the official launch of my new Blooms and Butterflies website located here:

The homepage of the B&B website will feature content from the Blooms and Butterflies team members. It’s here that I want to recognize the talents, achievements and show off the creations of my talented team.

Color Challenges

I’m THRILLED to get our color challenges back up and running. Please consider joining us when you can for our bi-weekly challenge. Visit the Color Challenge section on Blooms and Butterflies website for guidelines, colors and the dates your projects are due.

Not a Bloom or a Butterfly?  We’d still love for you to participate.  At the bottom of the color challenge post you’ll find a place where you can upload your project and join in.


There are Public and Private forums and topics. The Private forums will only be available to demonstrators on my Blooms and Butterflies team.  This will allow Blooms and Butterflies to communicate with each other and share information. The Public forums are open to anyone.  Feel free to start a topic in the forum or ask a question. This way we can all benefit from each other.




Team Members

Wondering if there are any other Blooms and Butterflies in area?  If so, visit our team members page and sort by first name, last name or state.


Blooms and Butterfly moderators will help me upload new content, share team member websites and projects.  Our goal is to inspire you to create and share!




Wordpress Training Videos

Do you have a blog?  Are you a Bloom or Butterfly wanting to create one? If so, check out these fabulous Wordpress Training Videos.  Here’s your chance to get a  website 101 training!

Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year filled with love and many blessings!  Brandy