Note:  As of November 26, 2017, we have changed the name of this club.  This club was formerly called Brandy’s Stamp Club.  We’ve changed the name to the new Host Rewards club.

Host Reward Club Benefits

CLUB MEMBERS enjoy the following benefits:

  • FREE current Stampin’ Up! Idea Book and Catalog (value = priceless!)
  • STAY ON A BUDGET – Do you have a long wish list? Are you a person who wants EVERYTHING? Pace yourself by building up your stamping supplies over time & staying on a budget.
  • Thank You Note – I’m excited to send you a Thank you note from a current Stamp Set for inspiration.
  • Stampin’ Up! Promotions – I’ll be sure you’re aware of any and all Stampin’ Up! promotions.  This way we can find ways to earn you more FREE goodies during your Host Month.
  • GUARANTEED – $35.00 FREE!!!    ($15.00 in Host Benefits plus EXTRA $20.00 from me.) Note:   This total will go up as the months workshop total goes up.  We have had hosts earn $45.00 – $80.00 FREE in past host rewards clubs.  It just depends on orders throughout the month. When it’s your month, feel free to invite friends to place orders so your workshop total goes up.


  • FREE $20.00 – Due to my travel schedule and my Stampin’ Up! workload I’m going to give each Host Rewards Club member an extra $20.00 in Host Benefits to replace craft night.  The FREE $20.00 will be added to your Host Benefits during your specified month.


  • ORDER – $25.00 Stampin’ Up! order before shipping and tax. (Note: Items can be from any current Stampin’ Up! catalog) 
  • HOSTESS CODE – MUST order online and use specific host code.  Your order will ship directly to you.
  • 6 MONTHS – Place a SU order once a month for 6 months.  This ensures everyone in the club benefits from Host Rewards Club and Host Benefits!
  • ORDER DUE DATE – All Host Rewards Club orders are due by the 25th of the month.  You’re welcome to place your order anytime by using the specific host code; however, all club orders are due by the 25th so that the current Host doesn’t miss out on promotion benefits.



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