Stampin Up Headquarters

Stampin’ Up! Headquarters, Riverton, Utah

Yay!!!  I finally had the opportunity to visit the Stampin Up headquarters and I am so excited to share with you my experience and tour of the facility.  Its is amazing!!! I had to take my picture with this fabulous rock that says “Stampin Up!”  Its located at the entrance to the facility.










Stunning… isn’t it?  This is through the bus window.  What a sight to behold!!!




What a GREAT Welcome!!!  Several Stampin Up Staff members greeted us upon arrival.  Not to mention this fabulous sign on the door.

The Atrium ~

With beautiful plant life and a two-story, red-rock water fountain designed to remind them of their southern Utah heritage, the atrium is a wonderful place to spend breaks or dine in style with friends for lunch.  The second level of the atrium serves as our main entrance and reception area.  Here you get a bird’s eye view of the exquisite atrium, water fountain and the gorgeous mountains that surrounds us.



















Next we took a walk down memory lane to learn more about the Stampin Up story from their humble beginning in Shelli’s living room in Las Vegas, NV, to their home in Riverton, Utah.  Here you can see the first catalog.  Wow… Stampin Up has come a long way!!!  You can also enjoy the beautifully stamped Definitely Decorative displays created by the Stampin Up Concept artists.















Statement of the Heart ~

To Love what we do and share what we love, as we help others enjoy creativity and worthwhile accomplishments… in this, we make a difference.




I Loved the Idea Room!  When you walk into this room you feel your creative juices begin to flow.  Stampin Up designed this room to help employees “Think outside of the Box.” A conference room at one end is designed for creative brainstorming sessions, and there’s room for a lot of ideas on those floor-to-ceiling whiteboards wall.

I need to remember these Brainstorming Rules.  I really need to be reminded of the bullet point that says… Stay Focused on the Topic.  I love to chat and I can get long winded.  Good thing my peeps still love me!

My favorite bullet point is: Be Visual!  That is exactly what I am.  Love this poster!









Tonya and I chillin’ in the Ideas Room! I need one of these ginormous bean bags in my craft room. If I had one my creative juices would start flowing or I would fall asleep! Lol



Distribution Center~

Inventory is brought to the Distribution Center from the Kanab manufacturing plant to be stored until orders are filled.  The state of the art facility provides timely order fulfillment throughout the United States and Canda.  Shelli put special effort into making this a pleasant place to work.  She had the entire warehouse painted white and had skylights installed to make the area brighter.  Music is piped through the warehouse each day.  In addition, the warehouse is ergonomically friendly with little or no lifting of boxes required.  You’ll see the pick-to-light system, which has dramatically increased accuracy and throughput.








AWESOME Isn’t it?  Wow!!!  Well before I go I will post some more ideas and inspiration!  Check back tomorrow for more Stampin’ Up! Convention Highlights 2011!!!  Blessings,  Brandy


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